Who is Lenore?


Lenore migrated from the friendly shores of Newfoundland to Ottawa, Ontario, in February 2011.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) from Memorial University, and a Master of Business Administration (International Business) from Carleton University, she has a passion for creating art, paired with enough business acumen to give her a range of creative and administrative skills.

As an artist, Lenore prefers traditional media, and currently works predominantly in oil or acrylic paint to produce her work. During her undergraduate degree she chose to produce primarily conceptual work, but after the death of one of her lifelong friends in 2012, has been inspired to capture the essence of people at a moment in time and their relationships with each other. Using colour, atmosphere, and technique to render portraits, she expresses the fleeting spirit of a person at one single moment in time, attempting the give the viewer a glimpse into the thoughts and feelings of a person at that instant while leaving the viewer to question what is really going on inside the subjects’ head.

To hear some of Lenore’s thoughts on being a professional and an artist, check out the blog link above.

You can find Lenore on Twitter at: @Lenoracle
You can find Lenore on Facebook at: @ArtbyLenore
You can contact Lenore at: LenoreMGale@gmail.com
You can watch Lenore’s iPad drawings here on YouTube: Lenore Gale


Visual Artist